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  1. Finally my wait is over, it’s out! 

    I was disappointed that is was only 12 minutes long for the first episode. I was hoping for 25 minutes at the least but I know they had a budget to go on, so I let that slide. I was glued in, but why use guns? I want to see more fighting! That is the whole point of the game, fight to the death! I know it will get better just by watching the trailer I cannot wait until Kitana and Mileena fight. 

    I’m a little confused, if the short film that came out last year will be the same like the web series because I loved the short film and it was because of that that they made it into a web series. Is the whole Sub Zero & Scorpion going to be the main story line or is everyone having their own story told equally. I know the web series is about all of them just by the trailer itself but will their also be a main point.

    My questions will be answered once I watch all the episodes aha. So I just need to chill down with the questions.