Sex: Female. Age: 23. Height: 5'1 ft. Weight: 101 lbs. Zodiac Sign: Cancer. Location: Virginia, USA. Personality: Introvert. Ethnicity: Salvadorian.


Korea. Japan. Gore. Anime. Bows. History. Lefty. Winker. Fitness. Comics. Tribal. West Coast. Gaming. Middle East. Spiritual. News. Sci-fi. Horror/Comedy/Romance films. Dance. Soca. Hip Hop. EDM. Kpop. Gyaru. MMA. Liquid Eyeliner. 25. Porn. Cosplay.

Enjoy your stay ^-^



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  1. My friend showed me this workout video since I want to get in shape & also the instructor is a hot Asian man. I must try it looks easy yet difficult. I just have to find where I should workout…got it, outside! 

    I’ll update it when I try the workout. Looks like it can become a daily routine.

     video  text  workout 
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