Sex: Female. Age: 23. Height: 5'1 ft. Weight: 101 lbs. Zodiac Sign: Cancer. Location: Virginia, USA. Personality: Introvert. Ethnicity: Salvadorian.


Korea. Japan. Gore. Anime. Bows. History. Lefty. Winker. Fitness. Comics. Tribal. West Coast. Gaming. Middle East. Spiritual. News. Sci-fi. Horror/Comedy/Romance films. Dance. Soca. Hip Hop. EDM. Kpop. Gyaru. MMA. Liquid Eyeliner. 25. Porn. Cosplay.

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  1. Why you must see this film if you like:

    1) It’s based on a true story

    2) Rider Strong is in it, you know Boy Meets World - Shawn

    3) It’s horror & gore!

    For those who haven’t been outside of the US well the reality is shit like this happens. Everyone know Mexico is not doing so well because of the cartels going around killing people off.   I watch Locked Up Aboard 

     borderland  video 
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