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  1. Here are photos of me cosplaying a random anime school girl at AUSA.

    First time wearing pounds of makeup ahaha. 

    I’m sure I mentioned this before but AUSA venue is not photo friendly.

     AUSA  anime  cosplay  doll  pink wig  bow 
  2. Here are a couple photos I took. My phone was usually low on battery so I tried to save the battery as much as I could.

    Overall AUSA was okay. I did get lost but I later got the hang of it. The flaw I had was that it was dark inside the venue I couldn’t tell if it was daylight. 

    AUSA could of been better but some shit went down which annoyed the crap out of me.

  3. Well this is my Witchblade outfit that I wore for Otakon an anime con which was about a month ago. I forgot to post the photos here, shame on me for slacking. I think it turned out fairly well. I will eventually go back though and fix several things here and there.

  4. These are pictures of when I was making the Witchblade. I was trying to look badass well at least in the face ahah I was trying to look as tough as Sara is.

    If it wasn’t for Nicci Fett aka Error I wouldn’t have gotten this far. Eek, it was my first time making something from scratch. Her Youtube tutorial really saved me, so thank you ^.^ *taking a bow.

  5. Few photos I took at Otakon. I would have taken more, but it was hard since I was wearing a gauntlet.

    That Vega though UNF!

  6. Time to update eek! I’ve out of the loop with Tumblr, sorry folks! Here I was closet cosplaying Elektra comic version.

  7. Instead of just posting one at a time I’ll post as much as I can. I eventually want to make the Mileena costume since I didn’t make it I bought it. I know shame on me, but I don’t have much experiences with sewing. I am working on that though ^^ I have other costumes I want to make and so Mileena will be put on hold. I will get back to making it though because I <3 her course!

  8. This is all I got now. I tried taking pictures of people that blew my mind by how much effort they put in or how much they didn’t put on themselves *cough cough Cammy’s thighs eheh.

  9. Pictures taken at Katsucon. I was only able to take a few because carrying a camera was kind of a hassle. Sorry guys ^^

  10. It&#8217;s almost complete I say I&#8217;m 95% done. I had to go that sexy route that&#8217;s what MK ladies are all about.

    It’s almost complete I say I’m 95% done. I had to go that sexy route that’s what MK ladies are all about.

  11. I have 2 weeks to finish the costume. Ahhh almost there!

    I have 2 weeks to finish the costume. Ahhh almost there!

  12. You can see Mileena dancing ahah. Anyone else see those guys checking her out?

  13. My Zangetsu is calling to murder you all.

    My Zangetsu is calling to murder you all.

  14. Hope to see Scorpion soon.

    Hope to see Scorpion soon.