Sex: Female. Age: 23. Height: 5'1 ft. Weight: 101 lbs. Zodiac Sign: Cancer. Location: Virginia, USA. Personality: Introvert. Ethnicity: Salvadorian.


Korea. Japan. Gore. Anime. Bows. History. Lefty. Winker. Fitness. Comics. Tribal. West Coast. Gaming. Middle East. Spiritual. News. Sci-fi. Horror/Comedy/Romance films. Dance. Soca. Hip Hop. EDM. Kpop. Gyaru. MMA. Liquid Eyeliner. 25. Porn. Cosplay.

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  1. I dyed my hair about a week ago and as you can tell I didn’t do a good job. I started from the top where my hair was growing out and that was a big no no. Anyways, I will leave my hair like this, it isn’t noticeable as before so I am okay with it. The dye I used was 

    What learned out of this experience is that you should start where your hair was previously dyed because it takes a while for it to grab on dyed hair. I bought a new dye because I wasn’t feeling it the next day, but I’ll use it once my roots start coming out. Its a tad bit darker than the hair dyed I used, but we’ll see how that goes.

  2. So these are the hair colors my hair has been through. That’s really in one year. My hair feels dry, but what else is there to be expected. I’ll keep this up to date.