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Goofer offer is 22 living in Virginia.
Korea. Japan. Gore. Anime. Bows. History. Lefty. Winker. Horror/Comedy/Romance films. Comics. Tribal. West Coast. Arab. Gaming. Boxing. Spirituality. Dance. Hip Hop. EDM. Kpop. Gyaru. MMA. Green. Liquid Eyeliner. 25. Porn. Cosplay.
Enjoy your stay ^-^
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  1. Misty was able to capture Pikachu. Mission accomplished!

    Misty was able to capture Pikachu. Mission accomplished!

  2. Decided to try catching Pikachu. I tried using my friendly face but no luck. I was only able to capture him after I beat him up. 

  3. Misty attempting to catch a wild Goofy.

    Wild Goofy got away….

    Biatch broke my Pokeball!

  4. Favorite Pokemons

    Bug - Scyther 
    Dark -Houndour 
    Dragon -Dragonite 
    Electric -Shinx, Pikachu
    Fighting -Machop, Monferno & Tyrogue 
    Fire - Magmar, Charmander, Growlithe & Vulpix
    Flying -Starly, Pidgey
    Normal -Eevee, Farefetch’d
    Psychic - Abra
    Steel -Lucario 
    Water - Squirtle

    Since I am a Pokemon freak hehe I’ll do this! ^^ My childhood years were spent playing game cards & video games. I still play video games! It gets stressful though.