Sex: Female. Age: 23. Height: 5'1 ft. Weight: 101 lbs. Zodiac Sign: Cancer. Location: Virginia, USA. Personality: Introvert. Ethnicity: Salvadorian.


Korea. Japan. Gore. Anime. Bows. History. Lefty. Winker. Fitness. Comics. Tribal. West Coast. Gaming. Middle East. Spiritual. News. Sci-fi. Horror/Comedy/Romance films. Dance. Soca. Hip Hop. EDM. Kpop. Gyaru. MMA. Liquid Eyeliner. 25. Porn. Cosplay.

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  1. Stuart Ojelay Vs. Jade - Don’t Walk Away

  2. Video I made last year when I was obsessed with the song. I seriously had it on replay for the longest time and its my favorite from Mike Posner. Don’t kill me Miami Horror fans >.< 

  3. Ridiculous video I made because my dog was being crazy after noticing there were dogs at the house.

    After watching video omg I’m so annoying O_o ahah I deserved that bite Goofy was about to give me. Oh and what I kept repeating over and over again was part of EXO - What is Love but I was saying the way Simon from Eatyourkimichi says it. I had “I love my mind, _______.

  4. It’s a good cause against animal testing so please join the movement.

    The video had me going wtf…beep beep beep all the way to the end.

  5. You can see Mileena dancing ahah. Anyone else see those guys checking her out?

  6. It’s snowing outside and I’m in this state of mood. That guy at 0:34 seriously reminded me of TOP’s from Big Bang. Every party needs a pinata FREE CANDY I’ll grab that stick and beat anyone who tries to grab any.

  8. Taking Goofy for a walk and jog. Something I do mostly everyday. This has helped me stay in good shape.

     video  photo  gif 
  9. Decided to try catching Pikachu. I tried using my friendly face but no luck. I was only able to capture him after I beat him up. 

  10. Misty attempting to catch a wild Goofy.

    Wild Goofy got away….

    Biatch broke my Pokeball!

  11. A video clip of me being um a little cute ahah

     gif  video  photo 
  12. Why you must see this film if you like:

    1) It’s based on a true story

    2) Rider Strong is in it, you know Boy Meets World - Shawn

    3) It’s horror & gore!

    For those who haven’t been outside of the US well the reality is shit like this happens. Everyone know Mexico is not doing so well because of the cartels going around killing people off.   I watch Locked Up Aboard 

  13. My friend showed me this workout video since I want to get in shape & also the instructor is a hot Asian man. I must try it looks easy yet difficult. I just have to find where I should workout…got it, outside! 

    I’ll update it when I try the workout. Looks like it can become a daily routine.

     video  text  workout 
  14. Finally my wait is over, it’s out! 

    I was disappointed that is was only 12 minutes long for the first episode. I was hoping for 25 minutes at the least but I know they had a budget to go on, so I let that slide. I was glued in, but why use guns? I want to see more fighting! That is the whole point of the game, fight to the death! I know it will get better just by watching the trailer I cannot wait until Kitana and Mileena fight. 

    I’m a little confused, if the short film that came out last year will be the same like the web series because I loved the short film and it was because of that that they made it into a web series. Is the whole Sub Zero & Scorpion going to be the main story line or is everyone having their own story told equally. I know the web series is about all of them just by the trailer itself but will their also be a main point.

    My questions will be answered once I watch all the episodes aha. So I just need to chill down with the questions.

  15. Pac man skills made me respect him even more, it gave me chills.

    Links aw so adorable aha the face he does when he has the heart.

    When Toad went over Mileena I say it’a a flawless victory.

    Mario what is the peace for you are not spreading any but the guys blood. I though Mario’s was funny.