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  1. These girls are hot and know how to work it. Does that make them sluts of course NOT they are performers! They are going with the concept ugh grow up and stop being haters. I like the voice of the one with the short hair, it’s so cute ^^

     Rania  video 
  2. I have my hands squeezing each other very tightly and I’m biting my lips that is how much I am into this. Yes, you can guys you can definitely can me down. Can you guess which is my favorite member? Junho, the one with the white shirt.

  3. It blew my mind haha. I had to watch it several times.

    I’m now going to fold my clothes that way.

    Thanks Japan!

  4. Where is the Italian accent?

    Come on mushroom let’s join forces to take down that Mario wannabe.

  5. There are so many remixes for SNSD - Visual Dream. So far I like this one. Hyoyeon dress is gorgeous, but her hair? They should of left it down she looks goofy and doesn’t blend well with members.

    Forget about that aha and enjoy the music ^^ also their beautiful legs.

  6. Lyrics created by him! I love this guy because you can relate no bs it’s straight from the heart. I’ve been a loyal fan for years and his way putting realism hasn’t changed.  So go support Am Kidd his new album was just released.

  7. DBSK/TVXQ I was never really into them until now because of this song. Wait I take it back I do love another song they did. I will post it up later. Shame on those who haven’t heard about them.

    "keep your head down" dance make me want to jump in the screen and take one of the back dancers spot. Changmin 1:55 he is working that outfit. Hot!

    Keep your head down U-Know time (Max)
    You know what time it is?
    This is return of the king

    (Everything has ended) I didn’t even start yet
    (We broke up) I haven’t even heard the reason yet
    Everyone around me keeps asking me why I’m like this
    Why are you like that, why are you like that? I’m already the bad guy

    (If it’s a sin) If loving you was a sin
    (If that was a shin) If being genuine is a sin
    (I’ll keep it low, I’ll keep it low) I’ll hold it in and stand my ground

    (Keep your head down)
    You look pretty, but inside you’re so different, that’s what I’m afraid of
    (Keep your head down)
    I said I loved you but I’ll let you go

    (Why?) Did you leave me so easily
    (Why?) Did I look easy to you?
    (Why?) My heart is ripping to shreds
    (Why?) If every moment was a dream
    (Why?) If only I had the time to set it right
    (Why?) I prayed for your happiness

    I was always satisfied with having you
    I was happy to dream the same dream as you no matter what they said
    I had to let you go, but I’m just walking my path anyway
    Now I’m just chillin’, Feel like I’m healing

    It’s too late, you said you can’t come back
    You’ve always believed that I’d crumble without you
    That’s a misunderstanding, why would I do that? why, why, I told you I wouldn’t

    (Hey) I was really, really sad, because you were so immature
    and I was afraid you’d meet someone bad (Why? baby)

    (Keep your head down)
    You’re really pretty, but that’s all there is to you, there’s nothing important inside of you
    (Keep your head down)
    A nail is driven into the heart that is holding in the pain of love

    (Why?) Why
    (Why?) You let go of our love so easily
    (Why?) Did you ever think that someone would get worried?
    (Why?) I don’t think you know yet
    (Why?) Exactly just what you let go of
    (Why?) Just remain there and watch me grow

    Ha~ Don’t play with people like that
    In front of me, all you do is speak of lies
    You’re such a two-faced person
    (Why why why) Since when did our crystal-like feelings become so opaque?
    Our love has ended, I’ve let you go, and now my heart is empty
    But my future is gesturing towards me to get up and smile
    I’m letting you go, live happily (why why why)
    One day far from now, far from now, I want to just smile comfortably

    (Why?) Why
    (Why?) You let go of our love so easily
    (Why?) Did you ever think that someone would get worried?
    (Why?) I don’t think you know yet
    (Why?) Exactly just what you let go of
    (Why?) Just remain there and watch me grow

    (Keep your head down)
    Erased, disappeared, you’ve burned to death in my heart
    (Keep your head down)
    Erased, disappeared, you’ve died in my heart and you no longer exist

     dbsk  tvxq  video 
  8. The song is not only catchy, but music video is brilliant the director did a fantastic job. The fireworks really through me off guard, but I can surely say this music video beats Katy Perry - Fireworks music video. I know I had to make a comparison. Boo for me.

  9. When I listen to it, my heart just melts and start singing along, it’s one of those songs that just feel perfect to listen to in any type of mood and you are in, you just feel at ease. It’s a plus that the guy is attractive, and his surname is Mclaughlin!

  10. This song is always being played over the radio station. I’ve heard it so many times that now I don’t got love for it. It’s giving me a headache just hearing it constantly.

  11. Even though “At The Beginning” does not have many plays on my iPod, the reason I chose this song is because I have always adored the song as a young child and still do. I can be in a very nasty mood and this song will cheer me up.  I enjoy singing the lady’s part and have somebody else sing the guy’s part. Karaoke time!

  12. v.s.   Lupe Fiasco - Paris Tokyo

    The song is old, okay I know but which one do you like the most? I’m being bias in some way. First one for me! Please don’t kill me and say that I don’t know real music. At least take a listen before judging me.

     Dok2  video 
  13. Dead Set

    Zombie movie with a nice twist. It’s not like the ones you have seen before, I promise!  Give to a go! I enjoy zombie movies so you might be like “she is being biased”. Well I’m not!

    The trailer makes it look boring maybe because it doesn’t have music in the background, but again it’s not.

  14. It’s so sensual and sexual just the way I like it.  You guys know that is so me aha. It’s hot girls, what else can you ask for!?

    You will have me dancing if you ever play this song, doesn’t matter where I am at. That is my call to get freaky and so I will. The hip swing is too G to refuse! 

    I always loved BEG but after this song I worship them, okay I am getting carried away with my words but you get where I am trying to get at.

    Make sure to replay it 5 times for me ^^

  15. A child’s pent up anger and frustration that erupt in a force that marks the end of innocence. Sometimes things just fall apart. 

    The imagery and soundtrack fuse very well. The ending was fascinating!

    It’s stunning and leaves you wondering bravo, bravo.